Rock Hammers and Hydraulic Breakers, Plate Compactors, Parts and Repairs – All in One Place!

Our Mission:

To provide an establishment and environment that supports, encourages, and helps pursue a higher level of personal character and abilities, while excelling at customer service and providing superior products.

Our Vision:

To see these businesses have a purposeful and positive impact on our families and community, both now and for generations to come.

Revised logo for rock hammers and breakersAt Attachment Service Centers, we take care of all your hydraulic attachment needs – from new and used hydraulic breakers and plate compactors for sale, to helping you fix your hydraulic rock hammer, to finding you the right wear parts for all of your hydraulic attachments. We have many years of experience in the world of hydraulic attachments sales and repair, and we pride ourselves on getting the job done right, the first time, at a fair price.

ASC is your trusted source for reconditioned and refurbished hydraulic attachments for excavators, and our service, knowledge, and competitive prices will allow you to get your jobs done – and make more money!


Jamie Sawyer of Attachment Service Centers

Jamie Sawyer of Attachment Service Centers

“Here at Attachment Service Centers, our motto is ‘Excellence through experience and dedication’. I truly believe that service, quality and taking care of our people have been the keys to our success since 1978.

With the recent change of ownership at ASC comes dramatic changes. All operations have been moved to Bend Oregon into two separate facilities that combine for more than three times the square footage previously housing the ASC business. We’ve doubled the parts and whole goods inventory. Our parent company D&S Hydraulics increases our sourcing, buying power, stability and access to more products and services.

ASC is now capable of manufacturing custom breaker and compactor brackets and attachment pins. We can also supply from in house inventory, any hose assemblies, adapters or plumbing needs. Staffing has increased and averages 16 employees between D&S Hydraulics and Attachment Service Centers. This dramatically increases response time and communications with customers and productivity levels.

Some specific items that I believe make us unique in the industry would be our abilities, ethics, national and international sourcing, and sales for multiple products. Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with customers and provide a good quality product with competitive pricing, rather that rely on one-off sales of cheap merchandise that don’t generate return sales.”

-Jamie Sawyer, President of ASC