Current Kent rock hammer inventory – these are Kent breakers that are remanufactured to better-than-new condition. All of our reconditioned hydraulic breakers come with custom mounting brackets and pins, and they also come with either new crosscut chisel, moil points or blunts.

Most importantly, they are tested on-site and guaranteed for six months!

Kent KHB40G   7,000 ft/lbs class   $31,500.00

Kent KF35QT   6,000 ft/lbs class   $37,500.00

Kent KF35QT breaker for saleKent KF27QT   5,000 ft/lbs class   $35,800.00

Kent KF22QT   4,000 ft/lbs class   $29,500.00

Kent KHB20G   4,000 ft/lbs class   $19,000.00

Kent KHB-15G II   3,000 ft/lbs class   $17,000.00

KENT KHB10G   2,000 ft/lbs class   $14,000.00

Kent KHB8G   1,250 ft/lbs class   $9,500.00

Attachment Service Centers is a trusted remanufacturer of Kent Hydraulic Breakers, such as the Kent KF-45 Boxed style hydraulic breaker for sale here.

Kent Breaker for sale

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