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Attachment Service Centers can get you the hydraulic breaker you need to make more money on your projects. Our refurbished Okada hydraulic breakers typically come with new chisel bits and 90-day warranties.

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Okada 318 Hydraulic Breaker

Okada Breakers and Okada Rock Hammers For Sale: Call 541-678-5679 for our best prices on all of current inventory of new and remanufactured hydraulic attachments.

Okada OKB318 – 7,500 ft/lb class

Okada OKB312B – 4,000 ft/lb class

Okada TOP200 – 3,500 ft/lb class

Okada OKB310 – 3,000 ft/lb class

Okada OKB308 – 2,500 ft/lb class

Okada OKB304B – 1,000 ft/lb class