The following is a list of our current inventory of reconditioned breakers and hammers – this lists changes very quickly, for the most up-to-date info, call us:



Excavators 400 – 650 Class

BTI TB2080X   10,000ft/lbs class   $58,000.00

Indeco HP10000 (NEW)   10,000ft/lbs class   $90,800.00

Excavators 300 – 400 Class

Kent KHB40G   7,000 ft/lbs class   $31,500.00

Indeco HP8000   8,000ft/lbs class   $40,000.00

Kent KF35QT   6,000 ft/lbs class   $37,500.00

Excavators 250 – 300 Class

Kent KF27QT   5,000 ft/lbs class   $35,800.00

Okada OKB316   5,000 ft/lbs class   $29,500.00

BTI TB1280XC   6,000 ft/lbs class   $29,500.00

Toku TNB-190   6,000 ft/lbs class   $33,500.00

Excavators 200 – 250 Class

BTI TB980X   4,500 ft/lbs class   $30,500.00

Kent KF22QT   4,000 ft/lbs class   $29,500.00

Kent KHB20G   4,000 ft/lbs class   $19,000.00

Okada OKB312B   4,000 ft/lbs class   $19,000.00

Okada TOP210    4,000 ft/lbs class   $26,800.00

Okada TOP205   4,000 ft/lbs class   $26,800.00

Allied 775CS   4,000ft/lbs class   $21,000.00

Excavators 140 – 160 Class

Okada TOP200   3,500 ft/lbs class   $23,500.00

BTI TB830X   3,000 ft/lbs class   $24,000.00

Kent KHB-15G II   3,000 ft/lbs class   $17,000.00

Excavators 110 – 120 class

KENT KHB10G   2,000 ft/lbs class   $14,000.00

BTI TB725X   2,000 ft/lbs class   $19,000.00

Backhoe (TLB)

Kent KHB8G   1,250 ft/lbs class   $9,500.00

BTI TB425CM   1,500 ft/lbs class   $9,900.00

Toku TNB-6M   1,000 ft/lbs class   $9,000.00

Mini-Excavator / Skid Steer

Toku TNB-08   100 ft/lbs class   $4,200.00

Toku TNB-5M-MX (NEW)  825 ft/lbs class   $13,100.00

Toku TNB-4M-SSL-D (NEW)   550 ft/lbs class   $9,250.00

Toku TNB-2M-MX (NEW)   250 ft/lbs class   $6,830.00

Rockwater CB300SS (DEMO)   500 ft/lbs class   $8,008.00


All units are subject to prior sale. All breakers are completely remanufactured including replacement of wear parts and other major components as required.

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bti135smallAttachment Service Centers is both an authorized dealer for new breakers and plate compactors, and a trusted seller of reconditioned breakers and plate compactors too.

These reconditioned breakers and rock hammers have been remanufactured to like-new condition, and all come with your choice of new working steel (crosscut chisel, moil point, or blunt) and custom upper mounting brackets with pins. Main body brackets are either new or reconditioned, including blasting and painting. All units have been tested on-site and include a six-month warranty!

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