Attachment Service Centers is an authorized Toku Breaker dealer and service center for Toku Striker rock hammers, hand tools, augers, and compactors.

We’re a trusted service center for parts and repairs for Toku Striker and all other brands of hydraulic attachments, and we specialize in heavy equipment repair and mobile service here in Central Oregon.

We ship new Toku Striker breakers to all corners of the world! Give us a call today for our best price on these new and demo rock hammers:


Toku / Striker Hydraulic Breakers For Sale:

Excavators 250 – 300 Class

Toku TNB-190   6,000 ft/lbs class   $33,500.00

Backhoe (TLB)

Toku TNB-6M   1,000 ft/lbs class   $9,000.00

Mini-Excavator / Skid Steer

Toku TNB-08 (Remanufactured)   100 ft/lbs class   $4,200.00

Toku TNB-5M-MX (NEW)  825 ft/lbs class   $13,100.00

Toku TNB-4M-SSL-D (NEW)   550 ft/lbs class   $9,250.00

Toku TNB-2M-MX (NEW)   250 ft/lbs class   $6,830.00

Call Attachment Service Centers 541-678-5679 for our best prices, deals, and special offers on all Toku / Striker Hammers

Striker breaker for sale at Attachment Service Centers

Toku Breaker Authorized Dealer

Toku Breaker Dealer and Service Center – the TNB line of hydraulic breakers can bring all the muscle you need for your jobs, they’re adaptable between different machines, and they’re very cost-effective! Striker hydraulic breakers are known for keeping operator fatigue at a minimum, and for being deceptively simple in their design.

Need parts or repair manuals for your Toku Breaker? Attachment Service Centers can get you the repair manuals, parts, or service you need to keep your rock hammer, compactor, auger, or hand tool working and getting the job done for you.

Call Attachment Service Centers today at 541-678-5679 and ask how Toku Striker Hydraulic Breakers can solve your construction, demolition, rental, mining, or quarry project problems!