Indeco Hydraulic Hammers For Sale From ASC

Indeco hydraulic hammers are available in a huge range of sizes, suitable for carriers from mini-excavators and skid steers to loader backhoes, and all the way up to the largest tracked excavators.

pic of Indeco hydraulic hammer breaker models 4000 to 5000

Indeco HP Series hydraulic breakers have applications throughout a wide range of industries:

Mining and Quarry  |  Demolition and Renovation  |  Earth Moving and Construction  |  Infrastructures  |  Metallurgical  |  Agriculture and Forestry

Indeco Hydraulic Hammer lineup for smaller hammers
Indeco hydraulic hammers range of sizes

Indeco HP Series Hydraulic Breakers feature:


  • Anti Blank Firing System
  • Automatically Adjustable Speed and Power
  • Fuel Savings
  • Side and Upper Shock Absorbers
  • Quick-Change Interchangable Bushings
  • Automatic Greasing System
  • Quiet Operation
  • HARDOX Steel Casing

With Italian design and a focus on the newest hydraulic technology, Indeco hydraulic breakers are built to provide the benefits of comfort to the operator, and superior performance and durability for the equipment owner. Features like a “special intelligent hydraulic system” that creates the ability to automatically adjust the power and speed of blows based on the hardness of the material that is being dealt with, combined with an Anti Blank Firing system (the breaker does not fire unless placed firmly against a surface) mean that these hydraulic hammers will handle demolition jobs more efficiently while extending the overall life of the attachment.

Many of these hammers place less stress on boom arms since most models are considerably lighter than many other breakers, and they operate at lower pressures and use less fuel than most of their competitors too. “Quick change” interchangeable bushings are used so that servicing is quicker and easier in the field.

For more information on the complete line of demolition attachments from Indeco, click here.

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Indeco hydraulic hammers models from 6000 to 25000