Whether you’re drilling post holes, planting trees, or working on a large infrastructure project, you can trust the reliability of Striker hydraulic augers. With a three-year warranty on both the gear box and the motor, and coming from a company with over 30 years of experience building high-quality hydraulic attachments, you can feel confident that a new hydraulic auger from Striker will get the job done for years to come!


Striker augers are designed with a compact, high-torque gearbox, and Eaton motors with integrated PRV that reduce potential places for leaks to occur. The two-piece shafts on these augers allow for higher side load ratings without increasing the load on the bearings. You can easily convert the augers to a screw anchor drive when you add their patented “anti-kickback valve”.

With Striker’s TRU-CUT augers, you can avoid oversized holes – when you buy and cut with a 20″ auger, you end up with a 20″ hole. They feature an extremely efficient cutting head, and Striker has really thought about design concepts like optimum flight pitch, so that more soil is removed during operation.

Bits are available in General Purpose and Combination Rock & Earth models, and come with different teeth for varying soil conditions. Available sizes range from 6″ to 36″ depending on the model, and most have an overall length of 60″, but larger bits are available upon request.

Striker hydraulic augers can be matched with almost any carrier, from skid-steers to backhoes to excavators. For the best price for your needs, give us a call today at 541-678-5679.