PP410 on test Table at Attachment Service Centers

Here at Attachment Service Centers and D&S Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the highest level of hydraulic attachment service possible.

Not only do we fix your equipment, but we try to do it right the first time Рand make sure we got it right by testing your breaker or compactor, before we return it, to ensure the repair we performed really worked.

When it comes to hydraulic attachment service, we have you covered from start to finish – and we send your equipment back to you with a warranty, typically six months. Our new test stand allows us to actually hook up and pressurize the attachment we just repaired for you, so we can simulate actual working conditions. Whether it’s a new plate compactor from our line, a remanufactured hydraulic rock hammer or compactor, or an attachment that you’ve brought in for service or parts, it won’t leave until it’s been tested and guaranteed!

If you have hydraulic attachments that need repairs or service, give us a call at 541-678-5679 and we’ll tell you how we can help!