Truckload of Toku Striker Hydraulic Breakers and Compactors

Attachment Service Centers is proud to announce that they’re the northwest’s newest Toku Striker Dealer and Service Center!

Striker hydraulic breakers are designed to be efficient, very user-friendly, and operate at lower costs than other breakers. Striker’s design concept allows the breakers to be attached very easily to a number of different carriers, with only simple adjustments, and by using a low-pressure nitrogen charge they can increase both operator comfort and environmental impact.

Striker’s “SC Series” of hydraulic plate compactors use a special “Angle Technology” to protect the carrier while delivering very efficient vibratory forces. These hydraulic plate compactors can compact up to four feet of soil, are especially useful for jobs on inclines, and can also drive fence posts and much more.

One thing that really sticks out when you talk about Toku / Striker hydraulic attachments is the industry-leading warranty – up to THREE years!* (*Call us at 541-678-5679 for prices, details and warranty info for specific breakers and compactors)