Kent KHP75 Remanufactured Plate Compactor

This is a Kent KHP75 hydraulic plate compactor for sale. This unit is remanufactured, and like all of our hydraulic attachments, comes with a guarantee because it’s been tested before we even offer it for sale! Questions? For more information and our absolute BEST price, call 541-678-5679.

Click here for a printable and downloadable pdf of info on this Kent KHP75 compactor:

Operating Pressure: 1800-2200 psi

Oil Flow: 18-22 gpm

Base Carrier: Approx. 7-15 ton

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Kent KHP75 Remanufactured Plate Compactor FOR SALE: Call 541-678-5679

Kent KHP75 compactor info and stats

Kent KHP75 plate compactor for sale rear view