How much should you pay for a dependable auger?

Can you afford to build fence without one?

Every year in the spring it is time to build, repair and replace your properties fences. The cost to your bottom in lost productivity (not to mention your back) could cost you thousands of dollars in labor. There is a cost effective and reliable way to cut down on that labor while ensuring a timely ROI. Imagine getting all your post holes done in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the labor costs compared to a crew out for days on end.

A Striker Auger can eliminate this stress for you.

Attachment Service Centers Offers a full line of Striker Augers ranging from small skid steers to 300 series Excavators. These augers feature a lightweight high torque gear box to help tackle our difficult Central Oregon soil and rock conditions. Quick change auger heads allow you to alternate between teeth type to tackle any obstacle.

Service and support are just down the street.

Attachment Service Centers and D&S Hydraulics are locally owned and operated and can help you to size the auger for your needs not to mention the parts and expertise to service them.  If you have an issue know that we are here to support, you in order to keep your operation in full swing.

Spring Special

Want to see how to give yourself more time this spring to accomplish other projects. Give us a call and check out our spring special on the SA-30 (2700ft-lb torque) Striker Auger. This special comes with a 9” and 12” dirt bit as well as a three-year warranty for a price that won’t break your budget.

Give us a call 541-678-5679.

Looking to rent a Striker hand tool? We can help with that too!