Toku Striker Hydraulic Post Pounder

Let the Toku Striker Hydraulic Post Pounder make short work of your next post project!

With a working weight of 1200 lbs and a tool diameter of 7 inches, the Toku Striker Hydraulic Post Pounder can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to drive your wooden posts into hard ground.

  • Impact Energy Class: 550
  • Impact Rate: 580-1060 bpm
  • Carrier Range: 3 – 4.5 ton
  • Operating Pressure: 1422 – 2276
  • Oil Flow: 8 – 14.5 gpm

Hydraulic post pounders are designed to make the job of driving or ramming posts into the ground much easier than digging by hand. By using the hydraulic attachment power of your equipment, you can save yourself time, money, and more than a few backaches.

Watch the Toku Striker Post Pounder in action below:

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